About us

Our Journey

Apsara Tea has an incredible story , with almost 50 years of history behind us and a heritage of consistent innovation and development.
Quality , honesty and an understanding of the customer's needs were the only assets that the late founder of Apsara Tea , Mr.Surajmal jain possessed when he started Apsara Tea in 1964. He always said that.. "Keep your eyes on customer's hearts not on their pockets". An enterprise that had a humble beginning flourished into a highly respected name in Madhya pradesh.

Small to Large

The Apsara Tea outlet was founded by Late Mr.Surajmal jain in year 1964 in Indore. Before this he had owned a tea canteen in Mumbai. "Apsara"..he found this name from his favorite theater's name Apsara Talkies , Mumbai. He began his journey with the name "Apsara Tea". As the time moved on , the tea market continued to grow... and Apsara Tea grew along with it. During In this period , Apsara Tea has benchmarked a rich and successful experience in the field of tea production , blending and distribution. Over the years , we've grown up steeped in the Tea culture of India , and played a significant role in shaping it.

Who we are

We are a family owned business. We have been in the Tea Trade for 3 generations spanning a period of over 50 years. Since our inception we have been consistently providing the best quality products and services to all our customers. This is our foremost principal. Our company has made a niche market for itself as one of the most trustworthy Tea Traders in the business.

Apsara Tea is managed by highly professional people with the help of dedicated marketing experts.
At Apsara Tea , professional and trained tea tasters have produced a perfect blend of tea. Apsara Tea is focused on manufacturing high quality premium tea , providing excellent value added quality tea to its esteemed customers. With a combination of outstanding service to our business associates and value for money products to our customers. Due to our mastery in tea-tasting , we have shown consistency in taste , colour and Aroma and provide our customers with a perfect cup of tea to begin their day. We have always been upbeat with the modernization and technological progress and even own an upgraded tea processing and blending unit. We have always maintained consistency in quality which has always been our priority.

Devotion to nurture and develop the brand providing consistently good quality tea and excellent services to the customers, high level of commitment and the attitude to grow have been the driving forces behind the success of Apsara Tea. This is the reason , today Apsara Tea commands a network of loyal distributors , suppliers and consumers in India.

Fulfilling our customers' needs to their utmost satisfaction has been our prime objective. Our diligent efforts towards this are amply proved by the large client base consisting of both local and national players and consumers.
We deal in the finest premium Teas , Black Teas and Green Teas. Our company markets various tea brands. We provide them in packets / cartons and large bulk tea sacks for tea lovers all over the country. We sell Green Tea for the health conscious.

Why Apsara Tea

Testing tea is an art and it is perfected only through experience. Apsara Tea has an experienced team of tea tasters including owner , proficient at the art of tea tasting and blending for over 25 years. Our professional tea tasters have undergone years of training in order to develop their pallet. Our quality control team is well aquatinted to the specific requirements of tea tasting to deliver consistent quality as per the standards laid down for each blend. Apsara Tea offers several popular brands that cover the complete range and varieties of delightful Indian teas to meet different tastes of consumers. Apsara Tea has built one of the finest brand portfolios in the Indian Tea market.

The tea taster , with his unique expertise , selects teas from different lots and blends them together to match a standard sample blend. This is why the cup of tea that you get from a particular packet today remains the same next month, and the next year.

Apsara Tea is driven by the mission of the company which is to maintain high standards and consistent quality for the purpose of providing best quality tea to our customers. Apsara Tea team pays enormous attention to quality of the product. The tea is processed from several quality tests before it is packaged for shipment. They spit out the tea before they move onto the next sample to taste.

Over five decades of experience , Apsara Tea is easily your one stop destination for every tea solution. Whether you're looking for packaged tea , tea boxes , flavoured tea or just tea we have it all.

Depending on local or regional preferences , you can choose from a variety of blend options. Besides offering you a choice in the kind of tea you would like to order , we also offer you a huge range of packaging options to choose from. You can pick one of our many package designs or order your own customized packaging.
If you are an exclusive tea boutique , you can also order tea that can be processed , packaged and shipped as you require. Besides , there are also various pricing options and promotions. So whatever your tea requirements , Apsara Tea can provide you with total tea solution.

Our Services

We provide a profuse range of beverages of the highest quality and original , pure taste. We cater the needs of various beverage lovers and are winning their confidence because total satisfaction is a guarantee. Time is money but with us you are benefited on both the ends as our products are available at reasonable rates. Each product is a feather in our cap as we are meeting success in all our endeavors. We assure our valued clients that they will always get more than they have desired for. All our products have consistent taste and are hygienically manufactured.